Who is Kajal Hindustani? Hate Speech for Patidar vs. Muslim?

Kajal Hindustani alias Kajal Shingala claimed that Girls from Patidar Semaj making Muslim boyfriend.

Some Name like Pushpendra Kulshrestha, Kajal Hindustani alian Kajal Shingala now well know from her hate speech again Muslim community. Since long, she has been delivered her hate speech again non Hindus during various program. She always try to provoke majority hindu audience by man ghadat issues for chip publicity.

During her program at Gujarat, She said “In Morbi, Some College Hindu girls are making Muslim boyfriend, In addition to this they all interchange boyfriends after some time to enjoy. even 5-7girls combinedly steal money from their home and bought a 40-50 lacs of luxurious car to gift their Muslim boyfriend. Also she claim, Parent from patidar Semaj that Father is always busy with making money and mother is busy with kitty party, So, no one left to take care for their girls. where she go? with whom she talk on mobile ?

Mostly, She spoken those incident which are not actually happened anywhere. She pretend always that she is the only who always think for Hindus, stand for Hindus by creating fake issues like Love Jihad, Land Jihad and Job Jihad. What ever she said about Morbi incidence is fake.

Social Activist from Patidar Semaj at Morbi, Manoj Panar, has filled application to A-Divison Police Station to file case against Kajal Hindustani. He said “Kajal Hindustani try to be in front media she allegly say unhappened incidence. She should be apologize to the Patidar Samaj.”

Kajal Hindustani is the top supporter of the ruling party in Gujarat. Is she supported behind the door by someone to provoke ? Who authorized her to spread fake allegation ? Her hate speech has viral since so long Why police has not taken against her to stop till date ? Why people of Gujarat invites her to delivered hate speech ? People of Gujarat cant differentiate the entertainment and hate speech? why they clapping for hate speech again and again ?

People of Gujarat has many more important issue from ruling party like Farmers do not get crop insurance. Yield price is not available as per MSP. Farmers are being ruined due to duplicate fertilisers/seeds/pesticides. Due to wrong land measurement, farmers are storming the land survey office. In this situation, as the farmers/Patidars need to be intoxicated with religion, the flattering leaders of the Patidar organizations are providing Kajal Hindustani a platform for hate speech, courtesy of the ruling party. Look at how hateful the Patidar society has become. Kajal defaming the daughters of her own society applauds Hindustani’s speech! Kajal is the fault of Hindustani, but is it not more the fault of the flattering leaders of the Patidar society and the Patidar society clapping without understanding?

Conclusion, To be in front media and unhealthy publicity She should stand with farmer, scheduled cast people and tribble cast of Narmada again the Government for betterment of society instead of hate speech. Hate Speech always spread hate instead of brotherhood.

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