What agenda behind a agenda Film?

Since last few years, India has a season of agenda films. What are the mathematics, politics, agenda and money calculation behind such agenda films ?

Films is the strongest medium for communication. It effect mostly on high school and college students. to use film as a medium of propaganda is now new. During the world war II, Both Side has used film to spread their ideology and to show enemy as evil. During Cold war, Soveit Union and Unites States has too used film as publicity. In Soveit Films, Capitalistic society has been filmed as exploitative and corrupt while in American Films Communist society was portrayed as oppressive and dehumanizing.

After 2014, Bollywood has been saffronized for indirect benefited to Godsewadio, Hindutavadio and Righties. Just before general election in India 2024, Randeep Hudda starred movie “SAVARKAR” going to be release. In this film, It has shown that Credit of Indian Freedom Fight should not be merely goes to Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Congress committee. It must goes to Savarkar too. If Gandhi was not there than Godse would given 30 years back. Film on Godara riots namely Aakhir Palayan Kab Tak ? has been produced by local BJP leader.

Before General Election 2019, Accidental Prime Minister film has been released to damage image of former prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh, Current ruling party has benefitted from film like URI too. Kashmir files another agenda films for BJP to convert mass public in them favor to vote. Strict Instructions has been given to local leader to organized free shows for kashmir files. Our PM openly appraised this films so maximum number of viewers go to watch and get brainwashed,

However, despite irritation of agenda films, Godse wadi opposed those films which are not fitted with their ideology of Hinduism. They even strike to demand ban on such films.

No one from RSS/ Hindu Maha Sabha has taken actively part in freedom struggle despite of that they portrayed as revolutionary in agenda films. The viewer of ‘Kashmir File’ will think that only Hindus have been killed, but the fact is that Muslims were killed more than Hindus! Claimed to have converted 32,000 Hindu girls into Muslims in ‘Kerala Story’, when the matter reached the court, the film maker came up with only 3 out of 32,000.Admitted before the court that the film was made based on imagination! In the film ‘Bastar’, the oppression of the police on the tribal has been justified! This is a film about the struggle of tribal. Released on 5th April 2024, the film ‘JNU’ will show that “Can a university campus become a den of traitors?” The film ‘JNU-Jahangir National University’ has been made to defame JNU, the prestigious university of the country. Even the word ‘Jahangir’ indicates prejudice! Agenda films are promoted by Godi Media; Corporate companies do not want people to get out of the cycle of hate-hate! Godi Media organizes special debates to keep the majority of Hindus getting doses of religious sentiments! Corporate storytellers/ self-proclaimed gurus, saints, lords/ motivational speakers/ dock journalists, writers applaud agenda films in the name of ‘culture’! So the agenda films get a huge audience.

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